Hockey Sticks

What are the things to look out for when selecting a hockey stick that is suitable for a beginner?

There are several things to take note of for a beginner in selecting a hockey stick:

1)    Length of the stick

2)    Weight of the stick

3)    The surface that he or she plays on, for eg. Turf or indoors

4)    Sticks should have good shock absorption

Length of Hockey Stick

For length, it must not be too short or too long. If it is too short, you will have to bend more when moving around with the ball whereas if it is too long, it will be difficult for you to control it when shooting and when dribbling the ball.

Useful Tip: Put the hockey stick beside one of your leg, the handle (height) of the stick should be around your hip bone area, and that should be the ideal length of the hockey stick to buy.

Weight of a Hockey Stick

In the past, players who played in the defenders positions will opt for sticks which are heavier thus they are able to hit the ball harder and faster whereas midfielders and forwards prefer lighter sticks as they have to move fast and a lot during the match.

However, now with the technology and the material composition in hockey sticks, the defenders will opt for medium weight and the rest opt for light sticks.

Difference in Indoor and Outdoor (Turf field) Hockey Sticks 

Indoor and outdoor hockey sticks are completely different. The rules of  indoor hockey games and outdoor hockey games are also different. Beginners for field hockey should choose sticks that have good shock absorption because in the initial phase, they will feel a lot of pain, friction & shock in their hands if the stick does not have good absorption. Beginners may might not like such impact during the game, and may give up on the sport.

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