Hockey Shoes

How to choose a pair of good hockey shoes for a beginner?

Asics is a highly recommended brand for hockey shoes. They offer a good range that is generally durable, flexible to bends, fit well and provide good grips especially when playing on turf areas.

A pair of good shoes for field hockey should have rubber soles with multiple rubber studs configured to them for better grip and flexible to bends when the player tends to cradle before abrupt stops or turns.

When it comes to shoe fitting, the shoes you try one will have to feel light as you lift your feet and knees up to test them. Light weight shoes will be able to increase the player’s agility on the field as they paced around. As far as a hockey player dribbles the ball with his stick, his shoes should also be able to “dribble slightly” against the turf ground as if he is ready to spring up and go anytime.

Porosity of the fabric or leather material of the shoes is also another thing to look out for. The material of the shoes should be ‘breathable’ where possible. This is usually at the “toe box” part of the shoe where it encases above the forefoot and toes. This is about the only part that has space when your feet get into the shoes as you set on ground, apart from the rim area around your ankles. Porosity of the shoes allow better ventilation for your feet, thereby reducing moisture trapped within the shoe space, that may cause your feet to slip within it and hinder your grip on the field eventually.

Beginners of hockey should be able to get a fairly good pair of hockey shoes between SGD$100 to 200.

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