Hockey Prospect as a Career

What are the benefits (health, career) of playing hockey?

In terms of health, it strengthens our body and enables one to feel more alert when in school or at work. Most of the players who are trained at least twice a week, they are less prone to illness as they are fit. Hockey training will also come in handy for teenages as they prepare them for their national service. Young men should not have any problems undergoing intensive training once they have entered National Service.

As for career, as hockey is a team sport, we will get to know players who are working in big companies, SMC, including lawyers and doctors. Players will get to establish a lot of connections around the hockey scene. Christopher de Souza, who used to play for Singapore Cricket Club, is now a member of the Singapore Parliament and a practicing litigation partner at Lee & Lee. It is a good platform for one to be able to meet a lot of people from their professional walks of lives to widen his or her network.

Prospect of Singapore on an international playing field?

The current National Coach, Solly Casoojee, who has been with the Singapore Men team for several months has been producing excellent results. For those who are trained under him, the under-18 boys in the recent under-18 tournament in Singapore came in fourth in position, while for the under-21 tournament held in Hongkong, theycame in second in place.

There are currently 4 players who were sent to play for overseas clubs to expose themselves at a higher-level playing field so that they can hone themselves to compete against the reigning teams in other countries.

Currently, Singapore is training up for South East Asian (SEA) cup which will be held in December 2011 in Thailand for both men and women team.

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