Hockey Age Requirement

At which age is the best for one’s child to pick up hockey as a sport?

The best age is between 9-12 years old as they can learn the motor skills and coordination movement much faster when they are in primary school. For basic skills, they are also able to grasp most of it in a faster pace. The important thing is to instill discipline and educate them on the things that they should and should not do.

In addition, when they are young, it important to cultivate the fun aspects in hockey so they can relate to the game and appreciate hockey better. Young players should also be taught and reminded that winning and losing is just part and parcel of the game. No dirty play should be allowed at all times.

What is the age limit for one to be considered “retired” from the game or “over-aged” to be accepted in a club or team?

There is no age limit in joining a hockey club. For Premier Leagues, players have to undergo a Beep Test (physical test) and attain an acceptable level. For Men, they will have to attain level 10 while for Ladies is level 9. Most of the players retired from hockey was due to work and family commitment and hardly because of the nature of hockey game itself.

On a practical note, those who are above the age of 40 years old will find it hard to play in the top local league. The older players usually play for the lower divisions leagues such as divisions 1,2,3 and 4.

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