Cycling Clubs & Cycling Tours

There are not many cycling tours that one can just contact and sign up to join in like a travel tour per se in Singapore. Although the number of cyclist enthusiasts is on the rise, the cycling population remains small and there are no public tours as yet. Private cycling tours, however are frequently organized by the social cycling clubs or cycling groups in Singapore.

There are about less than 30 social cycling groups, of which a few are established privately with respective followers made up of avid cyclist enthusiasts and even triathletes. The rest share a common passion for cycling and are formed within members from the same clubs and cycling communities.

Some of the well-established cycling clubs like ANZA Cycling, which is currently the largest social cycling club, organize regular cycling tours in Singapore for their members. They have a daily schedule to meet up for cycling rides every day, however the most significant ride comprising the largest group cycling of up to 18 riders, happens every Saturday at 7am when they meet up at The Longhouse at Thomson Road. As the numbers of members are not too small, they are segregated into groups with varying cycling distances of 70km to 90km at different speed and pace as well, at a speed of 30kph to 38kph on the average. The club has been established since 2005 and has more than 350 members to date. Some of these clubs even organize international trips out of Singapore, extending their interest and cycling passion to Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia.

Joyriders is another such club in Singapore established since 2006. For beginners, Joyriders is a good platform to start with as their cycling programs and activities range from amateur cycling, intermediate as well as for professional training for triathlons. There is no age limit so the cycling tours are open to everyone. For beginner cyclists, you may be keen to join the “Newbie” rides that are conducted every Saturday. Joyriders designed 2 such programs under the Newbie Rides: Eastern Newbie & Longhouse Newbie Ride. The Eastern Newbie ride starts off from Big Splash, East Coast Park, at 6:40am at a speed not exceeding 28 kph, and end point is at East Coast Lagoon Village, where you can enjoy coffee & breakfast with your fellow cyclists and riders after a morning ride of fun. The distance of the cycling route for the Eastern Newbie ride is 56 km. The Longhouse Newbie Ride is just like the one organized by ANZA Cycling, starts off from Longhouse at Thomson Road at 5:40am, along the central western side of Singapore (Mandai, Woodlands, Upper Bukit Timah, Dunearn, Newton then Thomson) at a speed not exceeding 30 kph. The Longhouse Newbie Ride is over a shorter (33 km) but more complicated route as you will expect terrains & irregular traffic conditions as compared to the Eastern Newbie ride where the route is run mainly on flat paths.

For seasonal members or experienced cyclists, you may consider the regular Weekday and Weekend Rides. The Weekday Rides start at 5:00am while the Weekend Rides start at different early hours, from as early as 4:40am to 7:00am latest. The Weekday Rides are mainly for “fast riders” at a speed no lesser than 33 kph, capped to a maximum of 40 kph, covering a cycling distance of over 40km to 60km. The starting point is again at Longhouse Thomson Road, end point is at Amoy Street Food Centre. The Weekend Rides are for experienced riders and triathletes training, covering a cycling route of up to 120 km and up to 40 kph of speed.

Another Singapore social cycling group, known as the LoveCyclingSG, or Love Cycling Singapore (LCSG), organizes cycling tours around Singapore. The cycling tours and activities are generally open for all to join. They recently organized the Kranji Countryside Tour and Bishan Park cycling tours.

While cycling may not be one of the main activities some of the private clubs have for their members, there are so private clubs for the expats like the Singapore American Club and Singapore British Club that has members within these clubs forming cycling clubs on their own. If you are an expat and would like to cycle with your own expat community or have children or kids who would like to pick up cycling as beginners, do check these expat clubs out and enquire more.

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